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What does time sensitive mean on snapchat [ Explained]

In the ever-evolving world of social media, where updates and features appear overnight, Snapchat has introduced a new element that intrigues users – ‘Time Sensitive’ notifications. This addition, which rolled out in May 2023, has raised questions about its functionality, implications, and how users can control their experience. 

In this blog, we will explain to you about what ‘Time Sensitive’ means on Snapchat, how it works, and how users can manage or disable this feature. Keep reading to explore.

What are ‘Time Sensitive’ Notifications on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s ‘Time Sensitive’ notifications are important messages that need quick attention. Even if a user has set their device to Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, these messages will still pop up first. This ensures that important updates or snaps don’t get missed. This is similar to Apple’s Time-Sensitive notifications in iOS 15, which let apps break DND mode for urgent alerts.

How Do Time Sensitive Notifications Work on Snapchat?

Both iPhone and Android users are familiar with the Focus or Do Not Disturb mode, designed to minimize distractions. However, there are instances when users want to receive alerts for select notifications, like a message from a close friend on Snapchat. This is where ‘Time Sensitive’ notifications come into play. These notifications bypass the Focus Mode or Do Not Disturb mode and appear prominently on the lock screen for at least an hour, ensuring users don’t miss critical updates.

Still, there is no exact disclosure of the Snapchat criteria about the notifications as “ Time Sensitive”, So, it is assumed as the messages, new snap stories or the snap replies from best friends.

How to Turn Off Time Sensitive Notifications on Snapchat?

Uh! You want to turn off time sensitive notifications? It can be frustrating when you are busy. So, to enjoy a good experience without interruption, follow the steps below and turn it off.

Steps to Turn off on iPhone

If you have an iPhone the below steps will help you to turn it off.

Step 1- Go to the settings on your iPhone.

Step 2- In the settings menu scroll through the available options and tap on the snapchat section.

Step 3- Now look for the “ Time Sensitive Notification” Click on it and then tap on “Off” to turn the notification off. When you confirm it will be deactivated.

Steps to Turn off on Android

If you are an Android user, you need to follow some different approaches. Android users do not have a specific ‘Time-Sensitive Notifications’ feature. However,following some settings they can customize snapchat notification. 

Step 1- Open the settings menu of your phone

Step 2- From here go to the app section

Step 3- In the app menu, look for the Snapchat

Step 4- Now choose the option for “Notification”

Step 5- Tap on it and turn it off

Why does my snap say time sensitive?

This feature allows you to attend to important things and prevent them from missing something important to you. Snapchat designates certain notifications as ‘Time Sensitive’ to indicate their high priority, requiring immediate attention.

Why am I not getting notifications from one person on Snapchat?

You may experience not getting messages from any of your friends. If you are not receiving notifications, it could be due to settings, privacy preferences, or potential glitches. Checking notifications and privacy settings may resolve the issue.

Is Quiet Mode the same as time sensitive on Snapchat?

No they are not the same. Both have completely different features. The DND feature is quiet mode. If you turn it on, you will not receive notifications for the messages from specific people or groups. 

While the time sensitive feature is used to keep you attentive about the incoming important messages. It sends you an alert when you receive a message or snap from your contact list.

Are Snapchat Stories time sensitive?

No, your Snapchat stories are not time sensitive. You may not receive a time sensitive message from your friends when they upload stories on Snapchat. You will only get this notification when they share snaps or send messages directly to you.

What does it mean to hide an alert?

When you turn on “Hide Alerts” in a chat, it means that you won’t get notifications for that chat, and there will be a button for alerts. This helps you avoid interruptions from that specific chat while still getting notifications for other messages on your device.

Does time sensitive mean blocked?

No, “time sensitive” does not mean blocked. Time-sensitive notifications have higher priority and can bypass notification blocks. They are designed to be more urgent and essential, ensuring that critical information reaches the user even when in a blocked notification setting or focus mode. Users can selectively allow time-sensitive notifications for specific focus modes based on their preferences.

Final Words

Social media apps such as Snapchat continuously improve their features to ensure the best user experience. Among the few most helpful, “ Time Sensitive” is the best option to keep you updated about important things. It allows you to check out the essential things immediately; they happen. In the above blog, we have provided you with complete details. However, you may want to turn it off, we have also shared the ways to turn it off. You can follow to keep things uninterrupted during busy routines.


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