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What is a joint post on Instagram? [ Detailed Explanation]

Instagram keeps changing its features to make it more productive for its users. Among the advanced features on Instagram, the Joint post feature is one of the best to enhance engagement. You can collaborate on your post with other content creators. But what is it, and how to do it?

It means adding someone in collaboration and sharing a post on each collaborator page. To make a joint post, make a post as usual and when it is ready, go to the tag section, choose the person from the list, and send an invite. On acceptance of the invite, a post will be shared on each member’s page including your name.

Surely, you need more detail to make it more beneficial for you. No worry, our guide below is only for you; read it and create perfect joint posts to boost your Instagram reach.

What does a Joint Post On Instagram mean?

On Instagram, a joint post is also named as a collaborative post. In a joint post, you collaborate with other users on Instagram. An invite for collaboration is sent to the user; if the user accepts the invite, your post will also be shared with the followers of that user.

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If you have a helping friend and want to boost both accounts on Instagram, do the joint posts, and you both will appear in the post. So, you both get the chance to engage with each other’s followers. It may help to get more followers and increase your account reach.

A guide on how to do a Joint Post on Instagram?

So, now you know the meaning of a joint post and its benefits. If you want to make a joint post on your Instagram, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Open Your account

Open your Instagram account on your device; if you have an app that is already logged in just tap the app and have access to your account

Make a usual post

Go to make a post section and create a post you usually did before. Create a video or image post as you want. Use the captions, select the content and everything you think necessary to mention in your post.

Go to Tag Section

Once you have created your post and it is ready to share, Go to the Tag People section. 

Select the person you want to add

Now you have the list of people on your friend list. Go to the list, scroll, and find the person you want to add to your joint post. 

Click on Send Invite

When you click on the person, you will see the options such as “ tag,” “ Invite,” etc. Here, do not use the tag; instead, click on “ Invite” to send the invite to the person collaborating with you in that post.

Choose the collaborator or brand

Next, type in the handle of the brand or creator, select them, with whom you are collaborating, and then send the invite.

Now you have created the joint post, and it will be on the invite list of the user. Finally, the post will be shared on both timelines when the other user accepts the invite.

What are the benefits of Joint Post on Instagram?

You can name it in different ways, but the major purpose of a joint post is to enjoy shared growth. When someone makes a joint post with other users, they all get the chance to appeal to each other’s followers to follow them and come to their page. 

However, if a joint post works, it will increase your views and followers and your account visibility and credibility. But remember to try to collaborate with good influencers. Otherwise, it may not give you the desired growth you expect.

Final words

A joint post can help you in achieving fast growth on Instagram. It helps you even if you share with small users. If you have a new account, you can enjoy the growth of the old account or of your friends who have a long list of followers. To make a joint post is simple and takes a few seconds more than making a routine post. But its benefits are awesome, so do not be shy, create joint posts, and enjoy extreme growth.


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