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What is Sneaky Link on TikTok?

You may be the one who is curious to know about “ Hey, you wanna be my sneaky link? If you are the one, you are not alone here. Thousands of young people want to know its meaning. 

So, we come forward to solve the mystery behind the phrase “ sneaky link.” You may think it is a trending term, but it is much more than a term.  It covers a relationship that you may not see or listen to before.

Talk is more, but we are not here to talk irrelevant, so come to the point. Let’s dive deep with me and explore what a sneaky link is and what relationship is hidden under this phrase.

What does it mean, Sneaky Link?

A Sneaky link can be defined as a relationship with someone to whom you see or hook up away from public scrutiny. The term sneaky is derived from secrecy; it means a secret link or relationship with someone. 

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This relationship may involve two single people, or it may also be possible between two people who are cheating their partner, or one is single while the other is cheating their partner.

The phrase originated from a viral TikTok song by HXLLYWOOD. The phrase is repeated too many times in the song, and it becomes trendy, and people start using it to define secret relationships.

How can one use “ Sneaky Link” in person or Online?

Nowadays, creators on social media such as TikTok use the “ Sneaky Link” as their background music sound to tell their companions they are ready to meet their sneaky partner. 

Creators use tags such as “get ready with me” as (GRWM) or use hidden captions to hint their partner for a hookup. Direct messages or texts are used to propose someone for the sneaky link. To propose to others, people initiate conversations with the phrase sneaky link to start the topic. It becomes an easy way to ask someone for a secret relationship. 

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People also go on their encounter’s posts or profiles and ask for sneaky links. The main thing is that sneaky links are created online or in person, maintaining secrecy, and they do not need to say it is secret. Both people in a relationship know they are cheating, and there is no issue for any of them in this relationship.

What signs if you are someone’s sneaky Link?

There can be several signs of a sneaky link. It can be the efforts of a partner to hide their relationship. If you are in someone’s sneaky link, you may notice that your partner avoids taking photos together, avoids meeting in public, gives schedules of meeting next, and is reluctant to go in public. Some other signs include sitting in public or meeting with family or friends, hinting you are in someone’s sneaky link.

How do you maintain a sneaky Link?

If both partners know that they are in each other sneaky link, it need a different approach to maintain this relationship than a normal one.

  • Never disclose any of the information related to your relationship with anyone. Even you cannot share it with your close friends.
  • Always meet your sneaky partner at a secret place; do not schedule a meeting in a routine. Schedule differently so that no one cannot find a sign.
  • Avoid meeting in public places or at familiar places where couples go for a date.
  • Be ready for new experiences, and do not be too emotional in a relationship because such relationships do not have a long life. So, if it ends, you do not get stressed.
  • Always ensure safety during sex because they are not long-lasting relationships. Use condoms, do not make videos or photos during sex, do not record calls or chat, etc.


A sneaky link means a secret relationship between two people. The people in Sneaky Link enjoy a relationship like a couple, but their relationship is hidden. You can say they are only cheating with each other. It is possible between the singles or people who are cheating on their partners. Now, young people use this phrase to convince others to remain with them in a secret relationship. It becomes trendy after a famous TikTok song by HXLLYWOOD. We hope you now understand the relationship hidden under this phrase.


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