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How to Archive Instagram Posts?

We often need to hide the post for several reasons. Some people quickly delete the post. But Archive is the best feature to hide a post without deleting. You can recover it when needed. But how to archive Instagram posts?

Login to your Instagram, then open your profile, now select the post and then open the “feed to archive” menu. After that, Click on the “ Archive” and your post will be archived on Instagram.

However, to learn in more detail keep reading. We will teach you to archive a post and also to archive collective posts. 

What is the Importance of Archiving Instagram Posts?

Instagram archives allow Instagram users to hide specific posts without deleting them. The users can archive photos, posts, slide shows, reels, and stories. When Instagram users archive a post, it disappears from the feed. It is the secure feature for your specific posts and reels you want to hide from others.

Additionally, you can delete Instagram posts from archives. But remember that if you delete the posts, you cannot retrieve them again. Another exclusive feature is that you can unarchive your posts and stories anytime. 

How to Archive Instagram Posts?

Mostly, Instagram users want to hide some specific posts, pictures, or reels. If you also want to hide your post, it is a simple procedure. Just follow the below guide to archive individual posts and all Instagram posts.

Archives Individual Instagram Posts

Step 1: Login Instagram App

Start the process by opening your Instagram posts on your device. If you are logged out, log in to your account again.

Stop 2: Open the Profile

After logging into your Instagram account, go to the profile and click on it to open. Normally, it is on the lower part of the screen.

Step 3: Select the post to archives

Then, scroll down to your feeds and select the Instagram post that you have to archive. Click on it to open the feed.

Step 4: Open the Menu

Once you select the feed to archive, tap on the three dots icon. This icon will open the menu list.

Step 5: Tap on “Archive”

Scroll down the menu to find the “Archive” option. Then tap on the “archive” to hide the post from your feed.

Archive All Instagram Posts

Step 1: Open the Instagram app

First, open the Instagram app on your web browser or device.

Step 2: Go to the Profile

Once you open the app, go to the profile section. Then, click on the “profile” option at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Open the “Settings”

When you are at the profile page, tap on the three lines at the top left corner of the page. It will open the settings menu.

Step 4: Tap on “Your Activity”

Look for the “Your Activity” option from the menu and tap on it. Then, for the “Photos and Videos’ option.

Step 5: Click the “Posts and videos” icon

Click on the “posts and videos” option. It will allow you to view, delete, edit, and archive posts. 

Step 6: Open the posts

Now tap on the “posts” and select from the reels, videos, and posts to archive.

Step 7: Select the Posts

Once you open the posts, click on the “select” option. There will be checkboxes on each post. Tap on these boxes to select. The selected posts are marked with a blue tick.

Step 8: Archive the Posts

After selecting your desired posts, tap on the “Archive” option. This step will hide all of the selected posts in the archives.

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Why do Instagram users Archive the posts?

Archiving posts is a flexible and easily reversible way to hide the posts from the users. People who are running professional and personal Instagram accounts make their accounts secure. For privacy, the Archive feature is most beneficial. Below are some common reasons for archiving posts or reels on Instagram.

Protect the Personal Information

Many people on Instagram are very concerned about maintaining their privacy. Few of them delete their account for fear of data breaches on social media. 

However, archiving posts allows Instagram users to control the information and posts that they share on Instagram. They can archive their specific information, such as workplaces, addresses, and other personal information. Instagram users may also archive their identities and manage their privacy on Instagram.

Hide Irrelevant Posts

Sometimes, people posting habitats may change. It changes, especially when you have spent a long time on the same platform. People post relevant reels and stories on Instagram.  But if you want to hide all of these irrelevant posts, archiving is an incredible way. It cleans up your feed and hides the irrelevant posts in a couple of seconds.

Final Words

You can remove the posts from your Instagram page by parking them in the Archive menu. Later when needed you can recover them. Archiving the posts on Instagram is simple. Follow the few simple steps as we guided you above and park as many posts in your Archive.


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