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How to Repost a Reel on Instagram?

It can be the best approach to repost trending reels on your Instagram to bring more traffic to your page. But before reposting try some beneficial approach to make it beneficial for you. How to repost a reel on Instagram?

Basically there are two authentic ways to repost a reel on Instagram.First repost it on your Instagram feed. The second method is to repost reel on your story timeline on Instagram. 

Today here we will explain to you everything about the two best methods to repost reels on Instagram. Let’s read and Explore.

Why Reposting Reels on Instagram is Important?

Reposting reels on Instagram is beneficial for all Instagram users. It levels up user business on Instagram in minimum time. More than 72% of Instagram users seek opportunities for their businesses to save time on creative content creation. Because every marketer believes that “time is money,” reposting Instagram posts saves your time. 

One of the outstanding benefits of reposting reels on Instagram is that it boosts user engagement. It attracts a wide range of audiences who see your reels and engage with them. Engagements of more viewers through likes, shares, subscriptions, and comments on your Instagram posts. It grew and gave a good impression of your business.

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How to Repost Reels on Instagram?

Reposting Reels on Instagram is pretty simple. Follow below different step-by-step guide: 

Method 1: Repost a Reel to your Instagram feed 

Step 1: Download the App

For reposting reels on Instagram, it is essential to download the repost app first. But don’t worry; downloading the app is pretty simple. You have many options for reposting apps, including Repost iOS, Resposta iOS and Android, and Repost for Instagram for iOS. Check the latest updates, ratings, and reviews, and select the best app to repost reels on Instagram.

Step 2: Choose the Reel

Once you download the reposting app, go to the posted reels and choose the reel you want to repost.

Step 3: Copy the Reel’s Link

After selecting the reel, copy the reel’s link. If you are using the web browser on a PC, simply copy the web address. But if you are using an Android, iPhone, or iOS device, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the page. It will appear as a link, copy this link of the reel to repost.

Step 4: Paste the Link

Open the reposting app that you have downloaded and paste the link you have copied. Then, open the reel.

Step 5: Create a Caption

Most downloading apps automatically bring in the creator’s caption and replace it with your own. Once you create a caption, go to the settings icon and select the background for your reel.  

Step 6: Repost the Reel

After creating a caption and selecting the background, tap “Repost” and then feed to share it with your authority.

Note: When you are reposting a Reel, ensure that the attribute level is on. Remember that the post or reel is tagged in reel posting settings on your Instagram.

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Method 2: Repost an Instagram Reel to Stories

Step 1: Open the Instagram App

To repost an Instagram reel to stories, open Instagram on your device and look for the three dots icon on the right side of the page.

Step 2: Tap the “Airplane” icon

Once you are in the settings menu, you will see an icon named “ Airplane.” Tap that icon and scroll down to find the “Add Reel to Story” option.

Step 3: Create the Story

Then, create an Instagram from your feed and tag it with real content. It is also good to add any memorable caption, text, emoji, link, polls, or sticker with the captured reel.

Step 4: Post the story

After creating an attractive reel, tap “Post” and share the reel on your Instagram account.

Additional tips for reposting reels on Your Instagram

Reposting reels on Instagram increases engagement and levels up your business. If you want to grow your business on Instagram, follow the above Step-by-step methods to repost the reel. However, below are a few additional tips to repost reels that might help you.

  • Repost the reels that relate to your business or brand. It will help your audiences build a relatable profile.
  • Use a template that capitalizes the trending sound and syncs the hassle-free video clips.
  • Remix the reels with a fantastic way to engage viewers with other creator’s content.
  • You should pin or tag the reel with your profile

Final Words

Find the best and trending reels to increase your Instagram account visibility. Repost them to attract audiences to follow you and give you comments or likes. However, follow the guidelines above to repost Instagram reels on your Instagram to make it beneficial for you.


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