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How to Fix Content not Available Facebook Error?

You may experience it too often when using Facebook that “ content not available Facebook”. What to do when experiencing this problem?

Check your internet connection, clear browser cookies, update browser or switch to another browser. However, you may also need to check for your Facebook app update or account restrictions to fix the problem.

Stay with us. We will teach you proper steps to fix the problem. Read and Explore.

How to solve the Facebook content not available error?

Experiencing thecontent not available” error on Facebook is too frustrating. But don’t worry there are a few steps that can help you to troubleshoot and resolve the error. Just follow the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Check the Internet Connection

First, identify your internet connection and ensure you have a strong and reliable connection. The content error may occur if your connection is weak. To resolve the issue, refresh your Facebook page. If the problem is still, restart the Wi-Fi router or check your bundle to establish a stronger connection.

Step 2: Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

Cookies and Cached data stored in your browser may be causing the issue. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies to eliminate any corrupted files. The corrupted files occur in viruses that may damage your device. Restart the browser and try accessing the content again.

Step 3: Update Browser

You have cleared Caches, but it still does not work, you may have an issue with the browser. Check for the update, if your browser need to update, go to update and make sure you have updated it. Once done, try again and ensure problem removed.

Step 4: Use different Browser

If the error persists, try accessing Facebook using a different web browser. This will help you to determine whether the problem is specific to one browser or a more widespread issue.

Step 5: Check for Account Restrictions

After applying all of the above steps, check for account restrictions to resolve the issue. Ensure that your Facebook account is not restricted or suspended. Then, Log in to your account and check the review of any notifications or messages from Facebook regarding account restrictions. If you receive any notification of the issues, resolve it.

Step 6: Update the Facebook App

If all the above steps fail to resolve the “content not available” error, update the Facebook app. Open the Google Play store and download the latest version of Facebook that is available. Login to your account and open it to use.

Why do you need to fix not available content on Facebook?

There are several reasons that you need to fix the Facebook content not available errors. Some major reasons are as follows:

Poor Internet Connection

Might be possible that for some reason your internet connection is not working properly. Maybe the server is slow down, or heavy traffic makes it slow down. In such cases, Facebook may not work well, and the error pops up when you open the posts.

You are logged out

Sometimes, when you see an error on your Facebook page, the best thing is to refresh the page. But if the error does not disappear, you might be logged out. Simply log in again to Facebook and resolve the issue.

Content Removes from Facebook

If you are facing an issue opening the Facebook content, check out the authority and posting time of the post. Sometimes, the users delete the old posts for their history. But if the post is not deleted by the Facebook user, check the Facebook authority. Facebook removes content or posts which is offensive according to Bullying and Harassment, child nudity, adult nudity, sexual relations, spam content and regulated goods violation, etc. In this case, there is no solution to modify Facebook content or posts.

Age Restrictions

In the Facebook app settings, there is a setting to set an age category for a post or a page. So, if the post is not opening and has a Facebook error, it could be because of restrictions. This means that if you are not of the required age, then you cannot view the content and the Facebook post. This mostly happens in groups and pages where the admin decides to put restrictions on their content. But you can see that post by tweaking your birth date on Facebook. So that it crosses the minimum limit, it is 18 years old.

Malware and Bugs

Rarely found, sometimes on the Facebook page malware or bugs can appear. They affect your system and restrict your access to the contents. One of the inclusive ways to get rid of viruses is to install an anti-virus into your device. Then, fully scan the problem and sweep to clear the app’s bugs. Once you clear, restart the system and log in to your account again.

Final Words

It is a common problem to view “ content not available Facebook” error. It may occur for several issues. Diagnose the reason first and once found fix it following guidelines.


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