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8 Professional Strategies to Get More Followers on Twitter

Twitter is an exceptional platform to target millions of audiences worldwide to promote your business and share your ideas. But it is only effective when you have large followers on your profile. What are the best strategies to grow followers on Twitter?

Create a professional profile, get a verified badge, post visual content, and promote your account. However, frequent tweets, better engagement with followers, and using proper hashtags and unique content may also help you.

If you want to know more details, keep reading. Every strategy will be explained in detail.

Top Strategies to Grow Followers on Twitter

Create a professional Profile

Your profile is the first thing that every audience sees before following you. Make a strong profile that displays your professionalism. Your profile picture, your bio, and explaining your achievements everything should be done in a professional way. It will help you to acquire more followers for your account. Do not write long or too short captions about your bio. Make a good balance that shows your professional personality.

Get a verified badge

People believe in real people, so you can show your realism on Twitter to get verified handles. Nowadays, many fake accounts are working, so trusting them is risky. We suggest you verify yourself to make it easy for others to believe in you. After verification, a blue tick on your profile can also help bring you more followers. 

Post visual content

If you want to increase the engagement rate on your tweets, then we suggest you focus on visual content. It is proven in research that humans are attracted more to visuals than texts. Humans also accept visuals more quickly than texts. You may see hundreds of text tweets, but turn your tweets into visual tweets to keep people more engaged. Adding videos is the best, however, you can also include the photos in your tweets to make them more eye-catching to others.

Promote your profile

Well you have created a professional profile and want to get fast growth in your followers then it is better to go for your account promotion. You can hire a team to run a campaign for your followers. You can buy twitter followers from IG Champ to make your profile decent looking. People verify accounts by counting the number of followers. If you already have thousands of followers, people follow you so easily. It will help you always, but if you are the new one, then it will be more helpful for you.

Tweet Frequently

Another best way to show your engagement on your account is to tweet frequently. Suppose you tweet 4 or 5 posts a day in routine; it will show the followers that you are an active user. Your followers always want updates from you. You can keep them updated about your routine life or about your available products or incoming plans. It is also a part of professionalism, which helps bring more followers to you.

Engage with your followers

Your followers are your great asset; you should not allow them to leave at any cost. The best way to keep your followers loyal is to engage with them. No doubt your posts or tweets engage them but you can make it more personal by responding to them by mentioning them. You can inbox them, or you can also appreciate their comments. Anyhow, there are multiple ways to keep your followers engaged, if you do so, they will be loyal to you and also bring more followers for you.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are helpful on all social media platforms. You can also benefit from hashtag strategy when looking for more followers on twitter. Take your time and find out some of the most relevant hashtags to perfectly explain your tweet. It will help people to find your tweet. You can use any of the favorable hashtags to make your tweet professional looking. 

Make your tweet unique

If you are an influencer or looking for some business promotion opportunity, your tweet should be unique. People will only stay on your tweet if you have something engaging in your tweet. If the story is the same as thousands of others, then do not expect much response. So, always prefer uniqueness and make your tweets engaging, high quality and friendly to your viewers. It will increase the engagement rate, and your account visibility will increase.

Final Words

Getting followers on Twitter is not a piece of cake, but it is not a challenge if you follow the professional approach. It may be a little slow, but it will bring a positive response. If you are looking for, follow our professional approaches and enjoy better growth on twitter. It will benefit all from old to a new account on twitter.


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