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How to mute someone on Facebook?

In real life, avoiding someone is easy, but on social media like Facebook, we add many friends to our contacts, but later, we feel they should not be. A good option is to unfriend them and get rid of such people. But it does not apply to every person; sometimes, we cannot go straight. Then what to do in this situation?

Do not be worried; you still have the solution: mute them on Facebook to avoid them, but they will not know you have muted them. If you are experiencing such a situation, read our below guide and mute the person you want. 

How to mute someone on Facebook [web]

Muting someone on Facebook is easy; if you follow our instructions below, it will not take more than a couple of minutes. 

Step 1: Open your Facebook Account

Go to your internet browser and open the Facebook account, providing username and password.

Step 2: Locate the person you want to mute

Once on your Facebook news feed, find a post from the person you want to mute. 

Step 3: Mute the user

On the post, go for the three-dot button in the upper right corner. It is only for the posts; select the “Snooze” option for 30 days. Once done, the person will not appear on your new feed or see the posts from your new feed for 30 days.

How to mute someone on Facebook [ App]

If you use the Facebook app on your Android phone, follow the steps below and mute the person you want.

The process to mute someone for 30 days is similar to that explained above in Web Facebook details. However, if you want to mute someone permanently, use the app and mute permanently.

  • Open your Facebook account on the app and go to the news feed
  • Look for the post by the person you want to mute
  • Click on three dots, and from the available options, choose “Unfollow,” once selected, the person will be muted permanently. You will not see posts from that person anymore.

How to mute someone from Facebook Stories?

If you want to block someone from your Story feed, follow the simple steps below.

  • Open your Facebook app and go to the story feed.
  • Locate a story from the person you want to mute; when found, click on the story and keep it pressed longer.
  • You will see the options to mute, select the time frame for which you want to mute, and then press mute. You will not see stories from that person on your story feed.

How do I temporarily mute a friend on Facebook?

If you want to snooze someone temporarily, follow our instructions below.

  • Open your Facebook account and go to its new feed page
  • Then tap in the top right of the Facebook, you will see three lines
  • Next, go for settings & privacy
  • Scroll down and go for Feed preferences
  • Tap snooze, choose the person or page you want to mute, select the time frame and press snooze. The person will be muted from your Facebook.

How to unmute someone on Facebook?

Uh! Now, you want to unmute the person you have muted? No worries if you selected the time frame when snoozing someone. No worry. After that time, the user will unmute. However, if you have permanently muted, then follow the below steps.

  • Go to your account settings and privacy menu.
  • Then go to settings and then go for “ Feed preferences.” here, you will see the muted person. Click and open the snooze to unmute. Once done, you will start seeing posts.

Can someone see your story or posts if you mute them?

No, the person you muted cannot see your posts or stories. Even you cannot see their stories or posts until you will not unmute them.

How to know someone muted you on Facebook?

There is no such notification system on Facebook. Facebook, to maintain your privacy, keeps it secret, and only the person who muted others can know it. But if you see you are no longer seeing someone’s stories or posts, it means you are on the mute list.

How to find mute users?

Follow our below steps to locate the people you have muted them.

Go to your account settings menu and click on three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

Then go to settings and privacy, and from here, go to settings

Click on the connections and then muted connections; here, you will see all contacts that you muted

Final Thoughts

If on Facebook you do not want to see posts or stories from any of your friends, but you do not want to unfriend them, then mute is the best option. It will not show the person, and you also get rid of that person. We have shared different steps to mute others on the web, Facebook, its app, or from stories. All the steps are simple and do not take more than a minute. However, we also shared the method to unmute someone if you want.


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