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Explore the old Instagram Bios

Instagram has become the most raising podium today. It grewthe number of accounts in an online community and helped them to make online money. People who use Instagram give their bios in their profiles for their audience and fans and those who visit their profiles. In this world of modern technology, changing something on the internet is not a big deal to anyone. To use Instagram is not strange, but it is considered a most fastest-growing platform on social media.

People who are using Instagram, always change their profiles, bios, and pictures according to their mood and interest. A question remains in users’ minds, whether they can see old Instagram bio or not? Instagram offered this access that the users can see their old bios whenever they want but now it is no longer the same. But there are some accessible approaches to do so. So, keep reading.

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The gold standard way is to keep your data secure by taking screenshots or recording your data in any achieve folder. Any Instagram user can do it by just clicking on simple ways. One can save his/her username, bio links, passwords, etc. in that particular folder. There are some easy steps to do so. Just look into your settings and you will find there that folder.

A user can explore the old bios of Instagram on his/her Android, iPhone, and laptop. It is all about the simple tips and tricks to see them.

Can I see my old Bios on Instagram on my Phone?

The above is roaming all around but the answer is a big Yes. Users see their old Bios by following some simple steps. Or one can say that the user is just on a click way to search his/her old bios on the phone. Instagram had a version to see old bios and other information but with new updates, this facility is no longer available for the users.

There are a few steps that one should follow to check or see their old bios.

Step 1. Just click on the Instagram app on your Android phone.

Step 2. Have a gentle click on your profile at the right corner atthe bottom

Step 3. Click on the menu button.

Step 4. Click on the menu of settings.

Step 5. Search security button and click on it.

Step 6. You will find their Access Data. It is with the option of Data and History.

Step 7.Click on view all that is right under Former bio texts.

Step 8.  Now you see “View your former bios”

If anyone can use his/her bios again, follow these given steps:

  • Click and keep holding the text of the bio, and copy it.
  • Go back to your account or profile and click on Edit Profile
  • Click and keep holding in Bio and paste it there.

How can I see old Instagram bios by using pc?

To see old Instagram bios on PC is very much simple. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Click on a new browser and open the Instagram website on your computer http:/

Step 2. Click on the profile icon in the top corner on the right side

Step 3. Tap on the wheel icon that is just right with the Edit Profile button.

Step 4.There is a privacy and security button in the pop-up menu.

Step 5. There is View Account Data in the option of Account data. Click on that.

Step 6. Tap on view all button along with Former bio texts. You will this option in the section of profile info.

Step 7. Now you are on the page of old bios. If anyone wants to use these bios again in his/her profile to show your fans. You have to do them copy and paste them and put them in your profile.

Final Verdict:

Instagram is spreading all over the world, there are millions of users are there who are joining this social media platform. Some have been using it for a long time and call social media giant. Some users did not know if they could use their old bios on Instagram or not. This guide is just for them to enhance their understanding and their meet-ups with other people online. These never are deleted by the creators of Instagram.

All information to see the old Instagram bio is present in the Instagram account or profile setting. One should go through it and follow the above steps. Instagram is the most highly used platform that every second person blindly trusts in it. There is nothing impossible in this fast world of technology. You can do what you want, it is just far for you to press a button. This is the most surprising social media app with huge ratings and setting options.


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