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Why is my Instagram link not working?

It may be frustrating when you cannot open the Instagram Link. It may happen for many reasons, but if you find the exact cause, it will be easy to fix the problem. Why is my Instagram Link not working?

Check for the possible causes and fix the issue. Check for broken links and banned links, clear Instagram history and app browser history, clear caches, restart the app, and check for updates. Once the issue is found, fix it accordingly, following guidelines.

To know the reasons for Instagram link problems, stay tuned and explore the common causes.

Why does Instagram Link not work?

It can happen due to various reasons. However, here we have provided you with some of the most common ones. You must check for these problems if experiencing such an issue.

Broken URL or Incorrect Link Format

A broken URL or wrong format can be the cause of the link not working. You cannot open Instagram on your device if the link is broken. Format or spelling mistakes can be the reason for that. We suggest you check the URL and ensure it is complete. Also, look for the spelling and format to ensure everything is okay. If you have an issue, fix and reopen the link.

Banned Link

Sometimes, you may get banned on Instagram, and your link will not work. If your link got banned, you should edit the link and save it again. After editing, we hope your problem will be resolved.

Bio Tools issue

You may have added the links in bio tools, it can make your links not working. If you are using the bio tools, put the link in the tools and check and ensure there is no issue. Also, check for the bio tool settings and disable the tool to prevent such problems. 

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Clear Instagram Browser History

Sometimes, the banned or corrupt files on your browser can cause such issues. If there is a virus or other issues, it may make your links or tasks performed after opening malicious links problematic. So, check for the Instagram browser history and clear it. Once the history is removed, open the link and ensure it is working fine.

Too many times Shared Link

If you are opening a link on Instagram that redirects too many times Instagram can be the cause for not opening the link. Instagram blocks such links and takes them as malicious links. If you have a link that is redirected too many times on Instagram, prevent sharing or opening such links on Instagram.

Check for the VPN

Sometimes, the VPN can be the cause of such issues. If you are using a VPN service, it will change your IP address. So, a change in location may cause the problem. Maybe the link you are opening is banned, depending on the location you are using. If it happens, you should check for and disable the VPN. Check the link after disabling the VPN to ensure it is working fine.

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Clear Caches

Your device may have caches, which may make the performance worse. Check for the caches and clear the caches. Once the caches are removed, reopen the link. Make sure the link is working okay now. 

Change Settings

Your Instagram has settings for opening the links. Sometimes, your settings do not allow the open links due to risks. So, go to the Instagram settings menu and change the settings to open the open link. After changing the settings on your Instagram, open the Instagram link.

Outdated Instagram App

Your Instagram app may have an update, but you forget to update it. If there is a missing update, your app may not work correctly. So, it is better to check for the update. Go to the Google Play store open the Instagram app, and check for updates. If there is an update, update it. Once the update is complete, open your app and ensure the problem has been removed.

Clear In-app browsing data

If there is heavy history on your Instagram app, you may experience link-opening problems. For this, we suggest you go to app settings on your device and choose the Instagram app. Then open its settings and clear the browser data. After clearing the browsing data, reopen the link. 

Final Words

Your Instagram link may not open for several problems. It becomes frustrating, but no worry there are many easy fixes that we shared above with you. Check for all above possible causes and fix according to our instructions. Must share your experience with us in the comments sections. We will appreciate your response.


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