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How to Change your name on Tinder ?

The days have gone when the dream of finding and meeting a person matching you remained a dream. Now, there are online apps like Tinder that make it simple to date and find a person that is perfect for you.

Sitting at home, you can find your partner anywhere in the world. Sometimes, you join Tinder excitedly and write some data on your profile, but it doesn’t seem attractive later. What you should do is remove it and replace it with a new one.

But it is not as simple as entering the data for the first time. If you need help change your name on Tinder for any reason, stay here. We will walk you through different step-by-step ideas to change your name on Tinder.

Why should you Change your name on Tinder?

Your name on Tinder matters because it is the first thing others see on your profile. It is like a hello before you even start talking. A good name can catch someone’s eye and make them curious about you, leading to more matches. But a bad name might make people skip your profile or think something wrong about you. So, changing your name on Tinder can make a big difference in getting more people interested in knowing you.

How to change your Name on Tinder? [ Step by Step Guide]

There are three possible ways to change your name on Tinder, we will guide you for each step by step.

Change your name on Tinder using Tinder platform

Follow the instructions below and change your name on Tinder.

Step 1: Go to profile settings

Open the Tinder on your phone, click on your profile, and then go to profile settings to access name change features.

Step 2: Choose Edit your profile

Next to that, scroll down the settings list and look for “ Edit info.” while you tap on that, you will be available with features to change your name.

Step 3: Change your Name

Here, you will see the current name on Tinder; tap on your available name. It will show you an option to remove and enter a new name. Enter a new name in the tab.

Step 4: Save the new name changes

Once you have entered the new name, save it by pressing the “Save changes.” your new name will be changed to Tinder.

Important considerations while changing the name on Tinder

Changing your name on Tinder needs careful thought. First, think about privacy – do not use your full legal name or too much personal info. Your name can show who you are, but make sure it gives a good impression. If you want a serious relationship, a respectable name might be better. And always avoid offensive or inappropriate terms. Take your time to choose a name that represents you well and keeps things positive.

What should you do while picking a new name for Tinder?

When picking a name on Tinder, be true to yourself by choosing one that reflects your personality. Keep it uncomplicated so it’s easy to recall. Select a name that radiates positivity and approachability to attract others. If humor is your thing, use it wisely in your name as a clever way to break the ice. Being genuine, simple, positive, and using humor if it suits you will help make a memorable and engaging Tinder profile.

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Change Name  on Facebook

Another easy way to change your name on Tinder is through using Facebook. But it only applies if you created your Tinder ID using Facebook information. If you are lucky and use Facebook, follow the steps below to change your name.

  • Go to your Facebook account and open the menu bar you see in the top corner of your Facebook page.
  • Then go to the “ settings and privacy” menu from the list of available menus.
  • In this menu, go for the “settings” and look for the general settings in the list of available menus.
  • Next, go for general account settings and find the tab for your name
  • Tap on the tab, and it will allow you to edit
  • Enter the newly selected name and then press the save button to save the changed name on your Facebook profile.
  • Go back and ensure the new name is updated on your Facebook profile
  • Once it is done, open your Tinder account, and you will see the name also updated there. However, sometimes it may take a few minutes to show the name. If you are already working on Tinder, it will need a refresh or re-login to show a new name.


Tinder is an exciting app that provides fun and an opportunity to talk with your dream person. While using, you need some changes, like changing your name on Tinder. If you are looking, you can change it using the Tinder app or change your name on Facebook if you register with Facebook. Follow the above steps and ensure your name has been updated.


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