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What does WTM mean on Snapchat?

WTM is another common term we often see on Snapchat while conversing with someone on Snapchat. Do you know what does it means? There are different possible WTM meanings that may confuse you about its exact meaning.

A few possible meanings of WTM are “ What’s the move,” “ What’s the matter,” and “Whatever that means.” However, its exact meaning is related to your chat. You can find its exact meaning after analyzing your discussion.

However, for a better understanding, read the below guide. Here, you can explore different possible meanings and how to use WTM in your chats. Let’s explore the mystery.

What does WTM mean on Snapchat?

The use of WTB on Snapchat expresses different meanings. There are three different meanings of the WTM. Let’s explore.

  • “What’s the move?”

The well-known meaning of the WTM is “What’s the move.” It is the short form for asking, “What are we doing tonight?” If someone sent “WTM” on Saturday night, it means that they are asking about your plan for Sunday. It can also be used to know “What’s up?” or “What’s going on?” People might use this word in sentences like:

“Hey! WTM tonight.”

“WTM? We are going to the sea palace, or what?”

“Hello, WTM about tomorrow?”

  • “What’s the matter?”

Another meaning that is used for WTM is “What’s the matter?” People use this word when they are facing a tough time in life. If someone sends you this word it means that they want to know, are you alright? People could text WTM you as:

“Hey! You seem upset. WTM?

“WTM? I feel you are facing a tough time. How can I help you?”

“Are you ok? WTM?”

  • “Whatever that means?”

In some cases, WTM stands for “Whatever that means?” If you say something confusing to anyone, they will reply WTM to you to clear out the situation. It is the best way of venting frustration about something that disturbed you. WTM could be used as:

“Friend, tell me to go for it, WTM.”

“Bro I asked a question to the teacher, but they said use the formula. WTM?”

“My friend wants to meet up for a discussion tomorrow WTM.”

How to add WTM text on your Snapchat?

To add WTM text on Snapchat, follow these simple steps. Hopefully, it will help you to add engaging and eye-catching text to your snaps:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat Profile

First, open your Snapchat account and go to your profile. 

Step 2: Create the Snape

Once you open your profile on Snapchat create a snap. You can create it by capturing a photo or video. Once you create your snap, tap on the “T” icon. This icon is normally located on the top corner of the page. 

Step 3: Access to text

After creating the snap you will activate the text tool in your application. When you see the text tool, look for the text. It will appear as a list of text to send, like WTM. So select the WTM text to Snapchat.

Step 4: Type the text on Snap

Then click on the text box that will be on Snapchat. Type the desired text that you want on the snap. You can also add a quote or poetry from the caption.

Step 5: Check Your Text

Once you type your text, you can customize it using the WTM feature. Tap on the text to highlight it, and then swipe left or right on the color palette to change the text color. You can also tap on the “A” icon to change the text style and add effects like bold, italic, or underlined.

Step 6: Customize your text

Then, drag the text box to position it anywhere on your snap. You can also pinch or expand with two fingers to resize the text and make it fit perfectly within your snap.

Step 7: Share Your Snap

Once you are satisfied with your WTM text customization, send it on Snapchat. You can send your snap directly to friends or add it to your story to share with all of your followers. So, to share the snap, tap the send button or the story button to share your creative snap.

How to respond to WTM on Snapchat?

The reply for WTM depends on its use and its meaning. If someone texts you WTM for the meaning “What’s the move” it means that they want to know your plan for hangout. So you should reply to them to tell them what your plan is. You must text to a “WTM tonight?”

When someone texts you WTM for “What’s the matter?” you ask what is upsetting you. They want to ask for help. So you must respond to your friend to tell you the problem. However, if you are right, you should also reply to them. 

Your response shows manners and your interest in them. You must text back to WTM, “I am okay” Or “I am alright; there is nothing serious.” Along the response, you must say “Thank you for reaching out to me.”

If someone texts you on “WTM” on Snapchat the meaning of “Whatever that means” is used to clarify the point that you say. They text it when they are confused by something. You must reply to clear the confusion with their assessments.

What does WTM mean when sent by a boy?

The few possible meanings can be “What’s up” or “What’s going on”. However, the most possible meaning is what’s up.

What does WTM mean when sent by a girl?

When a girl sends it, it may mean what’s the word, what’s up, or what’s going on. But the possible meaning is what’s up.

Final Word

WTM has different meanings on Snapchat. To know its correct meaning, you have to understand the topic you are talking about and the relationship or gender of the person to whom you are chatting. We have explored with you a few of the most possible meanings of the word WTM and ways to use it in your texts on Snapchat.


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